Адекум проекти за развитие Консултиране европейски и донорски фондове Труди ся, постоянствувай, не бой ся

„Spare your labors not, persist in your endeavors, shed away all fears”

With this belief, in 1881, near the town of Gabrovo, my grand-, grandfather, Ivan Kolchev Kalpazanov, craftsman, merchant, Member of the First Bulgarian Parliament, founded the first factory in Bulgaria after the country’s secession from the Ottoman Empire – „Anonymous Joint Stock Company Ivan K. Kalpazanov for Industry and Commerce with pure wool frieze, fashionable textiles, yarn and other products”.

Half a century later,  with hard work, courage and persistence, his successors had already built seven thousand square meters of production facilities, were exporting fabrics all over Europe and winning distinctions from trade fairs in Chicago,  London, Liege, Anvers and Thessaloniki.

True to their beliefs, the successors of Ivan K. Kalpazanov built the last extension of the factory in 1943, while the Second World War was in full swing….

Nowadays in Bulgaria, there are people like Ivan K. Kalpazanov, who, with effort, courage and persistence, established businesses, survived during the years of transition, became prosperous and are now facing the great opportunities but also serious challenges of the European Union.

Ad Decum Development Projects aims at assisting those businesses in taking better advantage of the opportunities and meeting easier the challenges – through EU grants for enterprises operating in Bulgaria.

In Latin „decus” means dignity, honor, distinction.

Ad decum means „in honor of, in the name of”.

We believe our work distinguishes.

We strive to work with dignity.

In the name of successful projects, longterm partnerships, new horizons.


Angelina Dobreva


Ad Decum Development Projects Ltd.